NAUHAs 1429

Azadaran-e-Husaini (Chicago)


Mission Statement
IEC Youth Group, under the guidance of Moulana Syed Mehboob Mehdi, exists to keep the Shia Community united. The group extends awareness and education to the second generation, and now even to the third of our community. The parameters of IEC is inclusive of: The youth to be involved within the community, leading them to grow and learn the importance of Islamic, educational and social events which in turn will help and seal the future operations of IEC (Islamic Education Center) “Husaini” and other organizations. The pivotal point of Azadaran-e-Husaini, IEC Youth Group’s Anjuman rests uniquely on the Tradition of Azadari or Mourning of Imam Hussain (A.S.), his family and companions. Comparatively, our Anjuman visualized reason as to why our new generations of Shias being born in America and other countries lack in information and exposure. The simplest answer being that the great tradition of Azadari is being minimized. As youth members we believe that azadari plays the centrifugal role in maintaining the identity of Shia Muslim which under no circumstances can be perceived to go astray. Hence our motto is

“Help Proliferate Shiasm.”


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Vol-1, 2006